Anonymous asks:
What camera(s) do you use?

Canon 6D for business
All the ones from the beach are iPhone
A busted up old Pentax 35mm that I adore
Various medium formats depending on what’s available for loan from the photo lab at school
Occasional 4x5 for class assignments which I wrestle with
Instax and Polaroid with Impossible project film (!)
Disposable kodaks that feed my soul
Pretty much anything I can get my hands on or is available :)

and at @avecruth on Instagram you can see all my iPhone pictures xo

Anonymous asks:
At what age did you start your photography? I love it!!

Thank you! I got my first camera (tiny little point and shoot!) in 8th grade for a mission trip to Peru! 


Hello mom everyone! So it’s been a while since I posted consistently, as in I haven’t posted really anything since summer. I intend to fix this utter failing by posting more regularly, starting with all the projects and pictures I made last semester. Which will show you everything I did instead of getting decent grades! 

I’ll be updating this post with a list of links to all of the projects as the posts roll in!

to be continued…

The Pen Pal Painting Exchange


The Sketchbook Project does various art challenges/projects/collaborations and recently they hosted a Painting Exchange! (By recently I mean this summer.) Above is a progress gif, I don’t actually know how to use acrylic paint technically so it’s nice to have pictures of the progress to see where I got stuck. In retrospect I wish I had done something a little more interesting than a face, but it was easy and I hadn’t painted in forever, so it was more an exercise to just flex that muscle a little again. Which means unfortunately there isn’t really any preemptive-thought-out-intellectual conversation with this piece beyond it’s inherent underlying autobiographical tensions. Let’s be real, it’s a crying-bitch-face, obviously not painted by an exceptionally happy person, or person happy at the time. Ironic since painting this, painting in general, made me utterly and overwhelmingly happy. 

Really its story is that it’s a reflection of the vibes I was dealing with over the summer that were lingering from the previous school year. The team bombed NCAA’s, I was chronically sleep deprived and seeing a therapist regularly, etc., the list goes on, but it all goes back to rowing one way or another. So here was this tiny little painting that I could tuck away or bring out and work on without anyone knowing. It was cleansing in this nice way that I took all that gross feeling from that year and crammed it all into this little canvas then sent it away. Got rid of it.


It’s in Ireland now somewhere. Hopefully that’s a little more charming/poetic than “i was sad so i painted the thing yay color yay art”



Do you take submissions on your photography with feet+water w/ toxins? I just so happen to have taken one the beginning of this year and just found your posts, it made me so happy :)

yes! that’d be awesome! the more the merrier!!!